About The Unlearning Company

The Unlearning Company’s approach is different because we recognise that most organisations find it difficult to release people from their work, have limited time to spend on development and need their investment to deliver and immediate result.

Our approach overcomes these obstacles by offering learning activities that:

  • are a maximum of two hours duration and work within the organisation’s daily routine so the day job can still get done

  • address each delegate’s specific needs, interests and challenges and are therefore personalised to the individual

  • focus on creating specific, new, productive habits as opposed to sharing interesting stuff and leaving delegates to work out what it means for them

The focus of our work is encouraging everyone to take small sustainable steps that:

  • make a difference to individuals and their relationships with others

  • have a positive impact on the work of their team

  • improve the overall effectiveness of the organisation

Each component of our offer comprises a suite of two hour workshops. Each suite comprises seven workshops. However, if some of the workshops are not suitable for your needs they can be dropped from the programme, substituted with others or alternatively we can create new ones. We recognise that you have the best insight into your people and their immediate needs. There are also occasions when having started a programme needs emerge; the nature of the sessions is such that changes can also be made as the programme progresses.

Our sessions are designed to take two hours with a maximum of six participants or aim is to create an environment more café than classroom Where participants explore together, the rich content captured on a single page.

At the end of each workshop, having gained some fresh perspectives and discovered areas for development we courage everyone to commit to developing one new productive habit. We encourage participants to work in partnership with their colleagues to maintain a level of accountability and we follow-up during subsequent sessions. Each group becomes an unlearning community focused on positively improving their relationships, the outcomes of their work and their impact on the organisation.

Jonathan Cooper

Jonathan Cooper


I am passionate about enabling others to make an outstanding contribution to their organisation.

My collaborative style enables me to build relationships quickly, understand what is required and generate an appetite for change.  I create inspirational yet pragmatic solutions that enable others to see things differently and adopt new, more effective ways of working.